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Vishwas Robot Office




Property Description

🌟 Transformed a 55-year-old building in prime Bangalore's Rajajinagar into a sleek, modern office space! 🏢💼 Executed a stellar interior design project that turned a ground floor into a dynamic hub for Vishwas, an energetic robot developer. 🚀 Renovated with steel column sections and a deck sheet roof slab, elevating the floor height to 14'. 🏗️ The challenge? Infusing life into a bare shell office for Vishwas, who's on a mission to revolutionize technolocides and bring robots to life. 🤖✨

🤖 The office, designed with vast open spaces, serves as an operational hub for robot innovation. 🌟 Features include a sleek MD cabin that meets international standards, setting the perfect backdrop for Vishwas to impress foreign clients. 💼 Four strategically placed workstations cater to the needs of his dedicated team, providing an ideal environment for creativity and productivity.

🎨 From bare shell to a tech haven, this project showcases our commitment to transforming spaces into functional and inspiring realms! 🔧✨ #TechInnovation #OfficeTransformation #DesignMagic

Property Details

Site Facing

Site Dimension



Built Up Area



1500 sqft

Year Built


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