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About us

In the last 54 years we've completed projects for over 500 satisfied customers.

We have a team of new age architects and interior designers under the guidance of senior professionals having fascinating, alluring design concepts manifesting   their innovative ideas and strategies. Our team with immense knowledge, practice and skill will transform your space from house to Home. At Archineers, the creative team is led by professional design directors. 

Why Archineers?

For Archineers, every detailing in the design must have a purpose, must reflect your personality and must be beautiful. We put our heads together to develop an original design concept and architectural plan.  We will transform ordinary houses into subtle, opulant homes by planning efficient schematic layout drawings.

We believe that our service should benefit your physical and emotional well being. Archineers are experts in holistic design methods, an approach which focuses on the mind, body and spirit of the people who inhabit a given space. We don’t just create spaces that look good, we create functional spaces that have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Our Personalized project management and favorable service throughout each step of the process takes the weight off your shoulders , ensuring your visions become a reality that leaves you amazed, not just served.

Core Team

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Kumar S

Founder and CEO

 He is a  Civil Engineer and Chartered Engineer and Registered Valuer Practicing Building Property Valuation since 1997. His passion for both profession and helping people culminate in his exciting career. 

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Sundaar S 

Senior Associate

With over 25 years of construction and design experience, he collaborates with and leads the design team. His extensive experience in residential design has given him a keen eye for all the different styles of design.

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Nanthini Kumar


She is an integral part of the business operations and administration, supporting company leadership and supervising administrative department activities for company.

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Sethu Raman


Fun loving and jovial person of the team always shoots up the squad's energy accomplishes department  objectives by managing staffs, planning and evaluating department activities.

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Thejes S Kumar

Junior Architect

The  master of drawings with a keen design sense has created homes that are sophisticated and fabulous quality and excellence.

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Rakshitha V

Principal Designer

She is the most innovative, creative in her design process. She ensures, guides her juniors in all design activities, gives attention to every minute detail & brings the best from them. She voluntarily involves herself in all the activities of the company. Always eager to learn more and contributes in achieving the company's goals. 

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Junior Designer

She always gravitated towards roles that focused on understanding the client's design needs and loves working with each client to help them design the space that suits their individual style.

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