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Our each and every undertaking comes with an assurance and a promise which creates a strong bond between us and the clients.

We carry a mindset to break each and every major problem into subsets of small problems and then work on each and every small problem and provide its in-depth solutions. This helps us to work with precision and give proper attention to small details.


A good idea helps in boosting the aesthetic value of a given space and eventually helps in increasing value. Good Design helps to improve the user experience by better managing the space available in the intervened environment. We create an exceptional build when a great idea and a good design are combined and leverage our potential to do this.

At ARCHINEERS, we always consider innovation to be a key component and it makes significant impact in every project. We understand the clients requirements and design their dream project accordingly. Innovation has always been our forte.


We practice Sustainable design. In the houses we design at any point in the house we ensure that, one can feel the presence of the five elements of nature: water, air, earth, light, greenery. The spaces in this house flow and merge with each other.

Ecological quality and energy conservation by Use of Natural light, ventilation by giving large windows with louvers and increased floor heights , skylights and ventilators.The electricity required for this house is being generated by solar technology. 

The rendezvous doesn’t end here –nature and interior spaces seamlessly merge into each other, coupled with Bangalore’s salubrious climate. The consequence is a house nestling in nature.


Sustainable Architectural Design

Design Process


Pre Design

In Pre Design we get-together with the client and discuss overall project vision and goals. In this phase, we carry out

  • Client consultation

  • Site Verification and Measurements

  • Photographs

  • Programming the space and use

  • Understanding the client’s requirements

  • Statement of probable build/construction cost



Schematic Design

In this phase, we do series of rough sketches/drawings that illustrate the basic concepts of the design. We give options to customers 

At the end of this phase, we deliver

  • Floor plans of all levels with generic openings.

  • Exterior building elevations with representative openings and finishes

  • Building cross-section

  • Typical wall section



Design Development

In this stage we collect the results from the schematic design phase and take all of them one step further.

This stage involves finalizing the design and specifying items such as windows and doors placement, materials and general structural details.

At the end of this phase, we deliver

  • Floor plans with a proposed basis of design openings

  • Overall dimensions/ Working Drawings will be issued

  • Exterior elevations in 3D as well as respective 2D working drawings  with a proposed basis of design openings and finishes

  • Additional building sections

  • Wall sections at all typical conditions

  • Additional details to establish a basis for design products


Construction Documentation

  • We have a final design. We can begin preparing construction drawings/blueprints, notes, and technical specifications necessary for bidding, construction, and permit application. Construction contractors will use these detailed drawings and specifications to prepare for the construction.

  • In this phase, we deliver

  • Floor plans fully annotated

  • All dimensions

  • Structural plans, details, and notes

  • Room, wall, door, and window identification

  • Section and detail indicators

  • Exterior elevations fully annotated

  • All building sections required for construction

  • Wall sections at all conditions

  • Plumbing & Electrical  plans, schedules, details, and notes




 Construction Phase 

The building is now ready to construct. We will provide frequent site visits to observe and guide the building   construction process.

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