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Vishwa Vidya




Property Description

🏠 Interior Marvel in Matthikere, Bangalore! 🌟

We embarked on an incredible journey, transforming a prime space in Bangalore's heart—Matthikere! 🌆 Our client owned a G+3 property, featuring rental units on the first and second floors and a luxurious owner-occupied home on the third floor. 🏡

Facing the challenge of cost-cutting for the rental units, we unleashed our creativity! 💡 Opting for cement slab interiors instead of traditional plywood, we revolutionized the design game, slashing costs without compromising aesthetics. Each rental unit now boasts unique cement slabs, while outer shutters and kitchen cabinets shimmer with carefully crafted ply touches. 🎨✨

The client, thrilled with the cost-effectiveness and low maintenance, entrusted us with their third-floor haven. 🌈 This time, luxury was the mandate! 🌟 Sliding wardrobes, acrylic finishes, plywood wonders, rafters, and 3D MDF boards combined to create a masterpiece.

Our perfect planning and a fantastic partnership with the client ensured timely payments, empowering us to meet every deadline. ⏰ The third-floor interior dazzled with prime materials, reflecting opulence and sophistication. 🚀

A triumph of innovation and collaboration, our Matthikere project stands as a testament to cost-effective brilliance and luxurious living! 🌟🛋️✨

Property Details

Site Facing

Site Dimension



Built Up Area



4800 sqft

Year Built


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