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Sashi Residence SST 6

Sea Shore Town 6, ECR



Property Description

Embarked on a thrilling outstation project in bustling Chennai 🌟. The challenge? Designing a luxurious haven in a posh neighborhood, home to celebs and high-profile personalities. Commuting from Bangalore to Chennai added an extra dash of adventure 🚗.

Our mission? Architectural mastery! We handled everything – from structure to elevation. Picture a grand home with a ground floor boasting space for 2 luxury cars and a chic hatchback. AC heaven to conquer Chennai's heat 🔥.

Imagine a warm foyer leading to a formal living area and a zen meditation room. First floor? A spacious kitchen, dining, and a sprawling living space. 4 bedrooms exuding international standards, complete with lavish interiors, top-notch wardrobes, and dreamy false ceilings.

And let's not forget the terrace – a spa, gym, and a tranquil landscape with a beach view 🏝️. Nature-inspired elements woven seamlessly throughout the home.

This project is extra special – not just for its architectural triumphs, but for the friendships forged across cities. It's a tale of understanding, family, and delighted clients. A portfolio gem close to my heart 💖.

Property Details

Site Facing

Site Dimension



Built Up Area



10000 sqft

Year Built


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