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Rizwan Residence

KR Puram



Property Description

🏡 Elevating Dreams at KR Puram! 🚀

Embarked on an exhilarating journey midway through a G+3 residential haven in KR Puram! 🏢 The client, dissatisfied with the mundane, turned to us for a sprinkle of magic in their space. 🎨 Armed with a reputation for jaw-dropping elevations, we accepted the challenge to transform a basic blueprint into a showstopper!

Initially, our canvas presented limitations - narrow balconies and a towering lift cramping our style. 🏗️ Undeterred, we unleashed our creativity, introducing 3D embossed cladding and a stunning CNC jali cut crafted with finesse in MS work and Brown high-pressure laminate. 🌟 The result? A masterpiece that defies the ordinary! 🎭

💡 Our ARCHINEERS team didn't just meet but exceeded expectations, delivering a jaw-dropping design in record time! 🕒 The client, brimming with joy, showered us with Google Maps love and referrals. 🌐 He even wished he'd found us sooner for an even more fabulous design! Check out the evolution from raw snapshots to rendered visions and the grand finale, showcasing our dedication to elevating architectural aesthetics! 📸✨ Your building, our canvas; together, we've etched a saga of transformation! 🌈 #ArchitecturalMarvels #ElevationExcellence #BuildingDreams 🌆

Property Details

Site Facing

Site Dimension



Built Up Area



1800 sqft

Year Built


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