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Rajanna Residence




Property Description

🏡 Exciting Portfolio Spotlight! 🌟 We transformed a 1200 sqft plot into a stunning G+1 BDA villa with a total area of 2400 sqft! 🏰 Our team handled the interiors from design to execution, making dreams come to life. 🎨✨

👀 To give our client a sneak peek into the future, we crafted a mesmerizing 3D video showcasing the interior design. 🚀 Lighting up the living space with false ceiling lights, we created a Pooja unit using wooden cabinets for a touch of elegance. 🪔 Maximizing space, we installed storage beneath the staircase, ensuring no corner goes to waste. 💡

🛏️ Bedrooms were transformed for multitasking with workstations cleverly integrated around wardrobes. 🖥️🛋️ Creative laminate placements added flair without breaking the budget, enhancing the overall aesthetic. 🌈💰

👏 Our mission? Turning visions into reality, one design at a time! 🚀✨ #InteriorMagic #DreamHomeRealized #SpaceMaximization 🏠

Property Details

Site Facing

Site Dimension



Built Up Area



2400 sqft

Year Built


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