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Property Description

🏡 Exciting Portfolio Highlight! Design Only Project 🌟 We turned a 1200 sqft South Facing plot into a stunning G+3 Duplex home, boasting a total of 3600 sqft! 🚀 Despite challenges from a tough yet specific client, we nailed it! ⏰ Timelines were tight, but our creativity didn't waver. 😅 The client, eager to start, even had to wait for labor at the site after seeing our designs!

✨ Inside, an Entrance Foyer welcomes with Buddha vibes and clever storage. The Double Height Living features a glass false ceiling, while the Kitchen dazzles in acrylic. High stools make a breakfast nook, and 3 luxury bedrooms boast glass wardrobe enclosures, vanities, and wooden storage.

🌈 Divine touch in the Pooja unit: wooden carved pillars, teak gopuram, glass shutters with golden lining, and tinkling bells for a heavenly atmosphere! 🙏 Terrace floor? Workstation and an extra living room for the win!

👩‍💻 For our tech-challenged client, we created 3D visualizations of the internal wardrobe configurations using grey fabric laminate—because visuals speak louder than 2D! 🎨✨

Despite delays, we brought dreams to life, turning challenges into design triumphs! 🌟🛠️ #DreamHome #DesignTriumph #CreativeJourney 🏡✨

Property Details

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Built Up Area



3600 sqft

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