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Raushini Saurabh




Property Description

🌟 We had a blast working with an incredibly fun and joyful client on a dreamy home interior project! 🎨✨ This client was all about creative freedom, allowing us to spread our wings and design a space filled with love and imagination.

🛋️ From the very start, our client showed her commitment to the project by diving into interior design during the 1st floor roof casting stage! 🏗️ She believed in the magic of careful planning and dedicated time, proving that a dream home isn't just about expenses, but about brilliant creativity and spectacular execution.

📍Situated in a luxurious gated community in Bangalore, where opulence meets tranquility, the journey began! 🌳 Starting with a captivating foyer leading to a double-height living space, adorned with a balcony from the upper floor bedroom, is a visual delight. every corner of this home was crafted with love and precision. 💖 The kitchen, a glossy acrylic masterpiece, and the bedrooms, a fairy tale dream in pastel hues, added a touch of luxury and charm.

🌈Every inch of this dreamy abode was meticulously planned, reflecting the client's dedication to creating a perfect home. 🏡✨ We're proud to be part of this enchanting project that seamlessly blends creativity, planning, and luxury. Cheers to dream homes and delightful clients! 🥂 It's not just a home; it's a canvas of dreams painted with dedication and creativity! 🎨✨ #DreamHome #InteriorMagic #CreativeJourney 🏡

Property Details

Site Facing

Site Dimension



Built Up Area



5000 sqft

Year Built


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